On the Agenda: Multinationals, migrants, Turkey

02'52" 11/03/2016
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Multinationals' representatives come to the EP to defend their tax bills and MEPs vote on Turkey's EU accession progress, children's legal rights and the fourth railway package.
It's a mixed bag this week as multinationals, migration and state visits dominate. Welcome to the Agenda.

Can you imagine paying thousands in tax when you earn millions or even billions? Naming and shaming the big guns is part and parcel of the war against multinationals and their tax avoidance schemes. Facebook is the latest big bucks company to agree to pay the British government millions in tax after years of criticism. Back in Brussels the European Parliament spearheaded a Europe-wide movement for a common consolidated corporate tax base. The Commission has followed through with a proposal. While those rules are finalised, at the Parliament on Monday MEPs will talk with tax representatives, and on Tuesday there'll be talks with representatives from Ikea, McDonald's, Apple and Google at the TAXE Committee.

A deal with Turkey was heralded by German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a potential breakthrough in the migrant crisis. But here in Strasbourg MEPs say that politicians are playing with people's lives.

FYROM, Slovenia and Austria have all put up temporary borders to stop refugees spilling en masse from Greece. As a result, Greece has to stop refugees coming to the mainland from the islands. With the situation at a precipice, was the deal with Turkey the right move? Or can a long-advocated holistic approach be the rub? On Wednesday the Civil Liberties Committee will vote on the draft report. And now for some news in brief.

EU leaders have just inked a deal with Turkey on the refugee crisis and made concessions for its potential membership of the EU. On Tuesday MEPs will vote on the Turkey Progress Report linked to that agreement. Also look out for another EU Summit on Thursday and Friday next week attended by President Martin Schulz. Poor health, old age and lack of care. On Monday the Legal Affairs Committee holds a hearing looking to push for EU rules to better protect the most vulnerable. Does the law in the EU protect the rights of minors accused or suspected of a crime? A vote to ensure that minors have access to legal justice takes place on Monday.

A vote to back an institutional deal on the technical pillar of the Fourth Railway Package takes place on Tuesday. And finally, Tuesday will see a state visit from a near neighbour. From which country? Moldova. And later on in the week, the King of Jordan will also pop in at the Parliament. And that's all we have for this Agenda. Take care and enjoy the week.