Celebrating cultural differences in Europe

01'12" 20/01/2016
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In times of insecurity and growing terrorist threat, MEPs stress the need to foster intercultural dialogue more than ever.
Last year’s terror attacks and the migration surge have given the drive towards multi-culturalism in Europe new impetus. This week, MEPs threw their weight behind an initiative from the Culture Committee to reinvigorate the process.
Intercultural dialogue is about talking to each other, about encountering each other, learning about each other, celebrating difference, finding commonality.
Julie Ward
Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament
Mass migrations have taken place in Europe for centuries. They’ve led to diverse, multi-religious societies. The danger now, warns one MEP, is for EU Member States to close in on themselves in the face of imagined threats.

We all have become more or less at least migrant societies and that means we have to deal with our own cultural traditions but with all the cultures of the migrant societies and communities as well. We should not go back to nationalism and to this concept of soveignty.
Helga Trüpel
Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance
In their resolution MEPs urge Member States to make the most of a raft of educational, creative, research and neighbourhood programmes in the EU to advance intercultural dialogue.