Make the digital single market a reality, end geo-blocking

01'35" 19/01/2016
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MEPs demand initiatives to boost the digital economy from the Commission and say unjustified geo-blocking of consumers' online access to goods and services has to stop.
Transforming the economy by generating €415 billion and creating thousands of jobs, that’s what a fully functioning Digital Single Market could do for Europe. MEPs gave it their support at a vote in Strasbourg on Tuesday. The economy is becoming more and more digital. We can see how those digital barriers dividing Member States are coming back. We have to create the Digital Single Market in the EU. First things first, getting rid of barriers across the 28 Member States to make sure that consumers have greater access to goods and services online.
If there are 28 sets of for example consumer protection rules, then companies just don't sell across borders.

There is a big difference between selling to a market of one million or five million and selling to a market of 500 million.
Kaja Kallas
Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Another focal point of the discussion in the chamber was geo-blocking, a practice that prevents the user accessing information based on their location. The Parliament calls for an end to unjustified geo-blocking.
This goes against the foundation of the single market. So I don't think there can be justified geo- blocking inside the Digital Single Market.
Julia Reda
Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance
But what MEPs say is required, is to put the consumer first and for innovation to be allowed to flourish.

So far the Digital Single Market is merely a concept, but expect the Commission to put flesh on the bones of their proposal later this year.