Fewer antibiotics for better animal health

01'16" 23/02/2016
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EP's rapporteur Jasenko Selimović applauds new measures aimed at containing outbreaks of animal diseases and fighting growing antibiotic resistance in animals and humans.
I'm extremely pleased. The law actually makes three things possible. The first thing is that it connects animal welfare and good animal husbandry, animal health, with human health. And by doing that, by making that direct link it will cause antibiotics to be used much more restrictively. The second thing is that it focuses, it makes it possible for both authorities and producers to focus on prevention and on combatting the spreading of dangerous transmittable diseases. And the third thing. We have actually managed to bring 40 different legal acts down to a single one, and I'm very happy for that.

Member States have their wish with the stray animals as well. It gives them the opportunity, possibility and impunity to vaccinate to combat the spread of diseases. It offers the possibility of having a national register and so on. Everything that the Member States have demanded for the stray animals.